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Field Trial and Hunt Test Training

Turtle Creek Lab’s  Advanced / Hunt Test Training

Turtle Creek Labs is proud to offer professional retriever training.  We limit the number of dogs in our training program so that we can be sure that we are giving each and every dog quality training time.  We have access to thousands of acres of top quality training land with cover and terrain changes along with specially designed ponds that will challenge any level of dog.  All dogs are worked with a regular schedule on a year-round basis.

Advanced Work

  • Advanced 5 Leg Patterns
  • Diversion Birds / Poison Birds
  • Marks & Blinds Combined
  • Advanced Marking Drills (In Lines, Converging Marks)
  • Advanced Blinds
  • Marks & Marks & More Marks (80 % Singles & 20 % Multiple Marks)

***All Prices Effective January 1, 2013

For more information on any of our retriever training services please call us at 302-841-0239